A new digital home for an outstanding non-profit organization.

GoBanyo is a non-profit organization that offers a converted shower bus on the streets of Hamburg. The bus allows people without a home to have access to hygiene – to be able wash themselves in privacy and feel clean again. The organization is funded by donations. Therefore the website should also ensure that the user journey to donating is as simple as possible.

The GoBanyo colors will be retained and reinterpreted in terms of their function and interaction. From now, the colors blue and yellow will primarily shape the perception of the brand and can be combined with all other brand colors. I further created a brand website with a flexible design system.

The website contains different design modules that can be used flexibly in all brand colors, and combined with each other. This creates a modular system that can be adapted depending on the content and provides a consistent look with plenty of opportunities for variety.

»What would you say to the audience if you were standing on a stage?«

This question is asked to the shower guests in daily operation – the answers are extremely varied. In this case, the stage is a micro-page, accessible to a large audience on the Internet. The aim is to bring more attention and discourse to the topic of homelessness through personal hygiene and washing. And to finally let the voices speak.

Digital design
Finn Fischer
Tim Narr
Anne Görgner
Julia Schwendner
Swetlana Holz
Gizem Güven