An app that streams live radio and podcasts with the best journalism.

The Deutschlandfunk app for journalistic content offers a wide range of podcasts, topic bundles, and live radio access for the three channels: Dlf, Dlf Kultur, and Dlf Nova. The app has been continuously improving its visual design over several years and recently underwent a complete overhaul.

I played a significant role alongside Make-Studio in revamping the user interface and design system. Working closely with the Deutschlandfunk team, we successfully created a new user experience and optimized the presentation of the high-quality content. I am extremely proud to have been part of the design team for this project.

A minimalist and uncluttered design puts the spotlight on the content and its cover. Color-coded channels help users navigate easily, while simple navigation ensures the app remains highly functional and user-friendly.

The app is supported by a versatile design system that generates all design elements and principles. By starting with a small set of basic building blocks, distinct patterns are formed to meet specific needs and are seamlessly integrated.

Design tokens and Figma variables facilitated smooth communication with the development team. Through JSON exports, both design and development teams share the same core definitions and thought processes, ensuring alignment and consistency across both areas.

The user's personal area was also extensively redesigned and built using established design modules from the design system. The app offers a high degree of customization by allowing users to subscribe to topics and create their own watch lists for audio content.

The goal was to enhance the accessibility of the carefully crafted and valuable content and to greatly improve the listening experience. The public broadcasters’ analyses, documentaries, and audio books now reside in a modern and well-organized app.

Make Studio
Creative Direction
Michael Ahlf
Digital Design
Finn Fischer
Dominic Scholtis
Elias Tinchon
Fanny Jung
Tanja Dinkel